Moberly, Missouri – May 2 & 3rd

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Last year we made some great friends at the Randolph County Raceway in the middle of s downpour and we are happy to announce our event is coming back.  The fans from the Moberly, Missouri area are great people and the owners of the track have really put their heart’s in this facility.   We want you to plan now on attending this event and know one thing for sure we are going to get some big air with the trucks and we cannot wait till you see MEGASAURUS literally devour an old car with his jaws of steel.

Moberly Motors (the local Ford dealership) has again signed up to sponsor and also be the advance ticket outlet and soon tickets will be on sale at their location.FACT SHEET MOBERLY 14 FINAL2


Southern Oklahoma Speedway – July 11-12th

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We return for a wild two nights at the Southern Oklahoma Speedway just 4 miles south of Ardmore, on Friday and Saturday night  July 11th and 12th when the Bad Boys of Monster Trucks come to do a show !

Last summer we had a monumental time in Ardmore .  Not only did we have great monster trucks but the stock car and modified racers were plain dirt track crazy.  The place is a homey environment with neighbors become friends after they have attended the races there.  People that had never been to the speedway came because of our show which has been inside the Hardy Murphy Coliseum since 1987.   There they have grown to know Checkered Flag Productions and about our events as well as our company and we have made plenty of new friends there.

Now they have came to the outdoor show at the Speedway and found a whole new group people and the track owners (John and Nicky Webb) have sunk they whole heart and soul into this track and brought many friends with them and have made many because of what they do there.  They are truly some of the nicest most loyal and truthful people we have ever met!  

Larry Quick with his GHOST RYDER has a huge following in Ardmore – his Oklahoma and Texas fans really follow this guy around.   His 2013 and 2014 Grand National Championships fresh in his mind expect to see him nothing but wide open!  

Already we are talking about how to make the track and freestyle even more spectacular and John and his wife Nicky want the best show possible and we are proud to be hired to make sure they have the best show.   Thanks SOS RACE TRACK we appreciate your faith in Checkered Flag Productions to make sure the crowd has a great and safe show!

More info coming soon! 


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The MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONALS were held Saturday Night April 5th inside the ISU HOLT ARENA and this years event had many surprises.

This event will be the one to remember 0ur Champion had to do it with 3 different competitions lined up.  First will be wheelie contest – then racing – and finally NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK FREESTYLE CAR CRUSHING contest!

The 2013 Champion GHOST RYDER with driver Larry Quick won it all last year was gunning for any and all racers and freestyle drivers, “Racing monster trucks is something that I have not been to good at but this year i am starting to win racing also.  This year I better have it together as CFP has brought the “Big Guns” in and it no time to play games!”

Larry is psyched and his truck has been running good all year.  He was ready to let it all hang out – and hang it out all night was his style and  he did it!  

Great jumps and great racing and his wheelies were awesome and finally it came down to him and Bounty Hunter and he and Bounty Hunter both spun out but Larry got his truck restarted first and hit the jump square while Jimmy just could not make his truck go straight up the ramp so Larry wins freestyling and Racing and the crowd backed him all the way!  

Wow what a finish and that made his day for sure or as he says it made my year!  Congrats Champ you did it again!! 

Ed Beckley
Checkered Flag Productions








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Monster Truck GRAND Nationals  Saturday, April 5, 2014 HOLT ARENA –  Pocatello, Idaho

Tickets can be purchased here online, over the phone at (208) 282-FANS, in person at the Holt Arena Ticket Office Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm, or at either of the two Vickers Western Stores in Pocatello & Idaho Falls.

For special seating needs, please call the Holt Arena Ticket Office at (208)282-FANS

Enter Promotional Access Code:  

Please pick from the following events or items:

Event Date/Time
MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONALS  Monster Truck Grand Nationals
Event Date:
Saturday, April 5, 2014
7:30 pm
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The April 5th, 2014 Championship for the NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK WINTER NATIONALS will be decided in a one a fantastic night get it on – no engine or power rules – no limits – nothing but WFO in Pocatello inside the ISU HOLT ARENA!  

so far here is the Pocatello Championship line-up……… has plenty of Wow Factor!:

  9.  TEAM SURVIVOR (Cancer Awareness Truck)
  10.   EL CHICA LOCA  
  11.  Scorpion
  12. Twisted Dragon

New for this year is a more open rule policy that drivers and fans have been asking for and we feel that most of the other rules make no sense.  The last time a truck was weighed or checked for engine size was basically never.  Why have rules that make non-sponsored independent truck owners spend  more money on motors to make the big horsepower when all you have to do is change a blower pulley’s and make a small cheaper motor very competitive?  

One thing for sure Safety will not be compromised for the spectator, the driver or the venue.  Usual safety rules must be followed.  But minimum weight rules, blower drive rules, engine maximum size rules will not be in effect this year…………..we want fan -tastic.   

This is all about the Fans and making sure this year’s events have lots of WOW factor that will send them home talking about how great these events are!

Thanks Wyoming!

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They drove from all over the state of Wyoming to get there thru snow, ice, and howling winds they came and filled the grandstand inside the Casper Events Center last night.  What they saw was one of the best monster truck shows ever to be seen.

The entire group of trucks and the tough truck drivers were going all out, it was an amazing night.

Bigfoot driver Kevin Kozella won racing and Larry Quick won Wheelie Contest and Freestyle portions of the show.

A nearly sold out grandstand was there to have a party and it was one for sure.

Local American Daredevil Tv star Levi Troutman the KAMAKAZIE KID did his first ever car stunt and he did a great job slamming an old GMC Jimmy into a stack of cars after flying off a ramp about 40 feet away.  Levi crawled out of the car at a dead run and he was so excited!

Thanks again Wyoming we love yah!!


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It is all about you the Fans!

Our Goal is to put on a safe, exciting, spectacular, fun event.
We would like to bring you events that when you walk out of the arena you are telling everyone you saw the biggest, baddest, wildest show ever.

So much good has happened to us here at CFP and it is because of you our fans.   We have listened to you – read your emails – saw your comments – and basically we know everyone is looking for something just a little over the edge.  This year should be that and more with the design of our Monster Truck shows.

No Engine Maximum
No Engine Limits All Modifications allowed!
No Overall Weight Minimum
No Blower Limits equals allot more horsepower!

We are exited and ready as even our office staff of Terri Nunn, Lisa Line, Annie Sutton, Debbie Brothers, Big Ed Beckley and our road staff and Monster Truck drivers are all ready to turn up the heat!

More exciting news soon………. while you are here check out the closest show to you on our schedule page .


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Saturday night in Billings was truly one of the best Monster Truck shows we have ever seen. 

The NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK TOUR blasted off Saturday Night November 2nd inside the Rimrock Auto Arena in Billings, Montana.   An enthusiastic crowd showed up to see what this was all about and went home knowing they were all about opening up the rules and having all these other obstacles on the track for the trucks to blast off of.  A huge school bus was sitting in the middle of the floor and on one side it was covered with a huge steep dirt ramp – the other side has cars and van stack so we gave the people what they wanted to see as these drivers blasted off the school bus without hesitation and got some HUGE air!!

Basically we know the new open rules policy below ….

TYPE OF FUEL – METHANOL with any desired additive!

 may not be the usual but we know we have the safety in place and the drivers want this as well as the spectators!

We have opened up so the fans can see bigger and better shows!  NO LIMITS!!!  

It worked!  Next Monster Truck show is after the New Year but is a whole new beginning and every Monster Truck show we have we are going to strive to get a school bus!! 


Saturday Nov 2nd, 2013 the finishes were almost exactly what had been projected.   

GHOST RYDER  wins Wheelie and Freestyle contest

Captain USA Tyler Groth took the racing win!


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logoThe 2013 WHITE BUFFALO BIKE FEST in Snyder, Texas is history and this year’s event was amazing!  The Chamber has not all the numbers together but it was apparent their work paid off with huge crowds each day from many different states including Arizona!

Larry Quick his monster GHOST RYDER showed the Snyder spectators what a real monster truck looks like!   He was getting huge air off every jump and every old car and van!

We drew a big crowd for the BAD BOYS OF WRESTLING.  Each day just under a 1,000 people streamed in the coliseum to enjoy the men and the ladies that came to put on a great show!  her top names in region.

Motorcycle jumping by Red Bull Gold medalist Clint Esposito did the jump over the locomotive train located at the Coliseum. He also completed a spinning back flip 35 feet up in the air while doing that jump!

Rob Carpenter on his Buell and 1200cc Harley Sportsters did all sorts of tail light rubbing wheelies and Smokey burnouts while broad sliding the motorcycle with one hand.

These two motorcycle riders have a tremendous amount of talent and they won the crowds over each show.

We are excited for the possibilities this Bike Fest might bring in 2014 when we get together with Mel and the rest of the Chamber.


What’s coming up next for CFP?

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SturgisBuffaloChipCampgroundLogo (1)
Our next events are during the World’s Largest Motorcycle Rally as the CFP Crew goes to Sturgis to work with the staff of the BUFFALO CHIP CAMPGROUND and CONCERTS.  We will arrive in Sturgis on July 26th and will be part of the Entertainment Administration and be the Stunt Coordinators for a TV shooting for CMT TV.   This will feature the World’s Largest Motorcycle Fire Tunnel of over 400 feet!!  Plus car stunts, and maybe the worlds record for a Monster Truck jumping distance record by Ghost Ryder Larry Quick driver.


Then to another biker rally in Snyder Texas to help them with their entertainment. 

CFP will provide Monster Truck Racing and  Car Crushing as well as the BAD BOYS OF PRO WRESTING, Clint Esposito FMX Motorcycle Jumping, and Rob Carpenter and his group doing all sorts of wheelies and burnouts on his Harley Sportsters.  We are proud to be part of the White Buffalo Bike Fest held this year on August 23-24 in Snyder, Texas.   The usual crowd is around 5,000 people for that event in the past we are hoping to help them push it to 10 thousand or more.   July and August are great months for us and we appreciate the chance to show the world how diverse we are in the entertainment business.


Thank you BILLINGS

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On Wednesday when we arrived here in Billings the weather was terrible.  It was barely 40 degrees and windy and raining.  For several days everyone was wondering if we would be able to to our Red Neck Nationals event outside in front of the METRA grandstands as planned.   Then Saturday came and the sun came out as the Lord shined his blessings on us the Red Necks turned out and we partied like crazy with MUD RACING, ROLL OVER CONTEST, DEMO DERBY, SHOW N SHINE, AND TUFF TRUCKS and the show was awesome!

The Montana and Northern Wyoming crowd was awesome with over 4,000 fans in the stands we all had a good time with plenty of crashing, mud flying, some awesome jumps by the tuff trucks, and just overall every part of the show was something special.

We would like to thank all the competitors, fans, the METRA crew, the Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club, Hacksaw and Lee, and the crew from the demo derby that kept things rolling.  We also have two great sponsors the BOOT HILL INN and SUITES with Shelly and her crew are just awesome to us, and the bunch from City Towing, and Billings Collision Repair.

We are coming back indoors to the Rim Rock Auto Arena at the METRA on Saturday night November 2nd and we have something really special coming then.   As always we try to keep things interesting by changing it around and this time in November it will be off the hook also!

Thanks again!

Ed Beckley
Checkered Flag Productions

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