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We at CFP are in the office daily working on all the new ventures we have going for this spring / summer/ and fall.  There is much to do when planning a show and we are already dove into 2015 Winter dates also.  

We are very much also in the middle of our event on the weekend of Sept 7th, 2014 and that is the jump with a jet assisted motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon next to Twin Falls, Idaho by the owner of CFP who is BIG Ed Beckley.  He is almost healed up from the March 7th horrific crash in Hobbs, New Mexico.  BIG Ed will ride a specially built motorcycle up a ramp and fly over the 2300 foot wide 500 foot deep canyon.  Evel Knievel tried that jump back in 1974 and crashed into the bottom of the canyon with minor injuries.  Beckley will be jumping 800 feet further and is planning to make it and land it like a real motorcycle, “We have newer technology and a team that is second to none and will be spectacular and safe for all.”

That weekend we shall be two nights of Monster Truck Summer Nationals at the Jerome County Fairgrounds in Jerome. Idaho.  It is a great facility with a covered grandstand and a huge arena for plenty of action.  More about that Sept. 5th & 6th nightly shows soon.  

First one coming up is Moberly, Missouri May 2nd and 3rd at the Randolph County Raceway where the big boys are going to blow you away.  

Check out the poster for more info:

Moberly, Missouri – May 2 & 3rd

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Last year we made some great friends at the Randolph County Raceway in the middle of s downpour and we are happy to announce our event is coming back.  The fans from the Moberly, Missouri area are great people and the owners of the track have really put their heart’s in this facility.   We want you to plan now on attending this event and know one thing for sure we are going to get some big air with the trucks and we cannot wait till you see MEGASAURUS literally devour an old car with his jaws of steel.

Moberly Motors (the local Ford dealership) has again signed up to sponsor and also be the advance ticket outlet and soon tickets will be on sale at their location.


Southern Oklahoma Speedway – July 11-12th

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We return for a wild two nights at the Southern Oklahoma Speedway just 4 miles south of Ardmore, on Friday and Saturday night  July 11th and 12th when the Bad Boys of Monster Trucks come to do a show !

Last summer we had a monumental time in Ardmore .  Not only did we have great monster trucks but the stock car and modified racers were plain dirt track crazy.  The place is a homey environment with neighbors become friends after they have attended the races there.  People that had never been to the speedway came because of our show which has been inside the Hardy Murphy Coliseum since 1987.   There they have grown to know Checkered Flag Productions and about our events as well as our company and we have made plenty of new friends there.

Now they have came to the outdoor show at the Speedway and found a whole new group people and the track owners (John and Nicky Webb) have sunk they whole heart and soul into this track and brought many friends with them and have made many because of what they do there.  They are truly some of the nicest most loyal and truthful people we have ever met!  

Larry Quick with his GHOST RYDER has a huge following in Ardmore – his Oklahoma and Texas fans really follow this guy around.   His 2013 and 2014 Grand National Championships fresh in his mind expect to see him nothing but wide open!  

Already we are talking about how to make the track and freestyle even more spectacular and John and his wife Nicky want the best show possible and we are proud to be hired to make sure they have the best show.   Thanks SOS RACE TRACK we appreciate your faith in Checkered Flag Productions to make sure the crowd has a great and safe show!

More info coming soon! 

Monster Trucks & Special Attractions for 2014 /2015

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Monster Truck Teams and Specialty acts: We are in the process to begin  hiring trucks and specialty acts for our upcoming 2013 Fall Events and 2014 & 2015 events.

We are looking for high caliber trucks with drivers that know how to put on a safe and great show! Even if you have not worked for us please get in contact now!

Know this we are paying big money for what we want and that is to be able to compete on the same level as Larry Quick in Freestyle.  If that is you and you are looking for a home get with us now.

Specialty or Stunt acts we are always wanting the excitement you can bring.   Please send your material by email or get in contact with Ed here in the CFP OFFICE with your contact information and let’s start a great relationship for upcoming years.

Email Ed Beckley ed@checkeredflagproductions.com  or annie@checkeredflagproductions.com  call 940-683-4742 ask for Ed or Annie and lets get cookn! .

Thank you!

Big Ed’s recovery…….

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On behalf of Big Ed Beckley and all of us here at CFP, we would like to take this opportunity to thank every one for the many calls and messages that we have received regarding Ed’s recovery. Ed was attempting to jump 9 cars at an event Friday March 7th in Hobbs, NM., when things went wrong on the landing ramp. He fell short and the big Harley went flipping end over end.  

He was air ambulance to Lubbock, Texas treated for 6 broken ribs and a lacerated liver, a slight head injury among other bumps and bruises.  Later that week he was admitted in the Wise County Regional Rehabilitation facility and he made great strides there healing up really fast with their wonderful care.  

At this time Ed out of the hospital for a couple of days and is getting stronger and will be at the Grand Nationals in Pocatello, Idaho Saturday night April 5th.

Nothing could keep the big guy down and with all your prayers and and well wishes he is out the hospital.  Ed and his doctors have talked and he is now on an extreme diet and exercise routine to get well and to get ready for the SNAKE RIVER CANYON JUMP on Sunday September 7th, 2014.  

He still has plenty of places to heal up from this last crash, but one thing about it he has all of you to help push him through.  

Again, Thank you for everyone’s concern and God Bless you all!


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Once again Billings fans yelled so loud, clapped their hands, waved their checkered flags and basicaly showed why they are some of the best super fans CFP ever does a show for!

The crowd was up to the rafters, and the trucks and drivers were all on wide open!  Saturday night March 22nd 2014 will be remembered by many as the best show ever for Monster Trucks and all that goes with it!

Really grateful for our sponsors BOOT HILL INN AND SUITES – BILLINGS COLLISION and REPAIR – and all the help Bill Dutcher and his crew from the METRA are.   They all treat us so well!!

Thank you Billings!


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The MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONALS were held Saturday Night April 5th inside the ISU HOLT ARENA and this years event had many surprises.

This event will be the one to remember 0ur Champion had to do it with 3 different competitions lined up.  First will be wheelie contest – then racing – and finally NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK FREESTYLE CAR CRUSHING contest!

The 2013 Champion GHOST RYDER with driver Larry Quick won it all last year was gunning for any and all racers and freestyle drivers, “Racing monster trucks is something that I have not been to good at but this year i am starting to win racing also.  This year I better have it together as CFP has brought the “Big Guns” in and it no time to play games!”

Larry is psyched and his truck has been running good all year.  He was ready to let it all hang out – and hang it out all night was his style and  he did it!  

Great jumps and great racing and his wheelies were awesome and finally it came down to him and Bounty Hunter and he and Bounty Hunter both spun out but Larry got his truck restarted first and hit the jump square while Jimmy just could not make his truck go straight up the ramp so Larry wins freestyling and Racing and the crowd backed him all the way!  

Wow what a finish and that made his day for sure or as he says it made my year!  Congrats Champ you did it again!! 

Ed Beckley
Checkered Flag Productions







Upcoming Events

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- May 2-3  Randolph County Raceway  
                     Moberly, Missouri 












Tickets are on sale for most of our events – check out our Schedule page here on the website and find about the events closest to you. 



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Monster Truck GRAND Nationals  Saturday, April 5, 2014 HOLT ARENA –  Pocatello, Idaho

Tickets can be purchased here online, over the phone at (208) 282-FANS, in person at the Holt Arena Ticket Office Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm, or at either of the two Vickers Western Stores in Pocatello & Idaho Falls.

For special seating needs, please call the Holt Arena Ticket Office at (208)282-FANS

Enter Promotional Access Code:  

Please pick from the following events or items:

Event Date/Time
MONSTER TRUCK GRAND NATIONALS  Monster Truck Grand Nationals
Event Date:
Saturday, April 5, 2014
7:30 pm
Buy Tickets


The April 5th, 2014 Championship for the NO LIMITS MONSTER TRUCK WINTER NATIONALS will be decided in a one a fantastic night get it on – no engine or power rules – no limits – nothing but WFO in Pocatello inside the ISU HOLT ARENA!  

so far here is the Pocatello Championship line-up………..it has plenty of Wow Factor!:

  9.  TEAM SURVIVOR (Cancer Awareness Truck)
  10.   EL CHICA LOCA  
  11.  Scorpion
  12. Twisted Dragon

New for this year is a more open rule policy that drivers and fans have been asking for and we feel that most of the other rules make no sense.  The last time a truck was weighed or checked for engine size was basically never.  Why have rules that make non-sponsored independent truck owners spend  more money on motors to make the big horsepower when all you have to do is change a blower pulley’s and make a small cheaper motor very competitive?  

One thing for sure Safety will not be compromised for the spectator, the driver or the venue.  Usual safety rules must be followed.  But minimum weight rules, blower drive rules, engine maximum size rules will not be in effect this year…………..we want fan -tastic.   

This is all about the Fans and making sure this year’s events have lots of WOW factor that will send them home talking about how great these events are!


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We are excited to announce ROBO TRON transformer will be appearing at these venues as part of our first quarter events .

Monroe   –  Feb 21-22
Hobbs      - March 7-8
Pasco       – March 14-15
Billings     – March 22
Pocatello  - April 5

Vorian standing up


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